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Social Security disability law takes into account cognitive and psychological deficiencies as well as physical, so we see clients with everything from paraplegia to borderline IQ to transgender multiple personality disorder.Our experience in dealing with this extremely diverse clientele has affirmed two key points: these people are not disabled because they want to be, and aside from their particular disability, they are just like you and me.Before you forge ahead into new territories, however, you might do well to consider some of the factors that go into wooing and working with new categories of clients.For simplicity, this article considers “diverse” clients to be anyone who is not just like you—whether in mobility, language, education, emotional stability, intelligence, visual acuity, or other attributes.Within this framework, diverse perspectives have been accommodated through the production of typologies, such as lists of comparable options, which allow for the coexistence and commensurability of a range of knowledges and experts.However there is a politics to typologies, which requires specific attention to how decisions are made (deliberation), who participates in them (participation), and the extent to which these participants are representative of broader knowledge and policy communities (representation).Restrooms should include at least one wheelchair-accessible toilet, with grab bars within reach.

Door latches within the office should be easy to maneuver by clients without full use of their hands.Through a series of negotiations, these commitments have been translated into a set of situated practices that now dominate this expert panel.Consensus has been achieved through the pursuit of closure, in which meetings of expert and administrator groups produce texts, tables and images that stabilise ostensibly collective decisions.His research looks at expert authority in knowledge and policy institutions, and draws on theoretical frameworks of science and technology studies, and human geography.This article presents an opposing view to the current populist position that corporate culture can be utilised to bind the multinational together.

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