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It wouldn’t be possible to manually encode every nuance of driving a car into software.But when you equip cars with sensors and cameras that can pull in everything going on inside and around the car as a human drives, the AI can automatically learn from the driver’s billions of subtle actions.

This means that an AI soaking up the wrong signals from an already biased work culture could double down on its learnings and turn into an HR nightmare.The most famous case of AI breaking bad was Microsoft’s experimental Twitter bot called Tay.Created in 2016 as a female persona, it was supposed to learn how to interact with people by interacting with people.In the workplace, communication is increasingly digital—groups of people chat on Slack, write emails, text on company-issued phones and hold meetings on Zoom video that can be recorded and analyzed.At the famously weird hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, every meeting and conversation is recorded and digitized.

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The AI can be fed rules—like “Don’t go over the speed limit” or “Don’t beep the horn to scare cyclists”—that can counter some bad human habits.

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