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Similarly in movie making if you want to take cine films in other than good light you must have large aperture lenses which add appreciably to the dost of the instrument.

You probably know 20 HOME MOVIES & HOME TALKIES that in still photography if you want to take snapshots in a very dull light or difficxilt conditions j^ou must have a large and expensive lens.

Anywaj', whoever you are and ■wherever you happen to live, I am sure you will find a movie camera and projector one of the best invest- ments vou have ever made.

If you are a golfer let me remind you that witli a modern movie camera fitted with slow motion you can hand your camera to a friend and he can make a cinematograp I;ic analysis of your drive so as to show your faults (if any).

Panchromatic Cine Film is now being made faster than ever, yet with a marked reduction in grain-size and con- sequent increase in fineness of image.- In addition, the emulsion has been given an increased sensitivity to yellows and greens — the predominating outdoor colours. Even when processed by the makers the total cost of 100 feet ready for projection will be only 20s.. Sackcloth and Ashes Department In the May issue of Home Movies under the heading of ' ' Making Movies, at the Zoo," Mr. The Monthly Bulletin is intended primarily to give up-to-date news and information for amateur cinemato- graphers, to suggest new filming enterprises and experiments, and to describe methods of work as far as is possible without im])air- ing its other functions, but personal advice and assistance cannot be given through its columns.

».#w THE DE LUXE MOTO- CAMERA Fitted 172.5 anastigmat and x4 teleplioto len«, spring drive, taking 30-ft. Fitted t 3 .^ ana.stigmat, all-metal body, f L Z A SECOND-HAND OUTFITS (FULLY GUARANTEED) B. scheme, which is described in detail in ouf advertising pages, the reversal film will be sold at a separate price for the film only, with a subsequent charge for professional processing if desired. When replying to our advertisers please mention this paper -they like to know where you saw their adver- tisement— and we want them to know ! The Institute is constituted and organised for practical help.

, 350 Nizo Camera, 25 Societies and the Still Photo- graph, 141 News of, 34, 77, 113. ALL THE LATEST INTRODUCTIONS FJLLY EQUIPPED PROJECTION ROOMS AND EXPERIENCED DEMONSTRATORS AVAILABLE AT ALL BRANCHES 70 D. To do so would not be to devote the Institute's funds in the best interests of its members.

CJ ^i Jfti m London : George Nevimes, Ltd., 8^11, Southampton Street, Strand, "W. 356, 399 Carrying Case for 200 B, A, 369 Christmas Filming in the Home, 251 Projection, Preparing for, 260 Gift Problem, Your, 271 Cine Circles, Home Movies, 146, 202, 227, 250, 338 — ■ — Handyman, The, 63 " Kodak," Special, 10 Magazine, Why Not a ? of the Selo Cin6 Service, write to : ILFORD LIMITED ■ ILFORD - LONDON ATIC safety FILM HOME MOVIES & HOME TALKIES THE SERVICE THAT RECOMMENDS ITSELF THE WESTMr NSTER CINE SERVICE EVERYTHING FOR MOTION PICTURES. HOME MOVIES & HOME TALKIES 21 A NEW BOLEX PROJECTOR Notched Titles Now Available in "Nine" and j) Subscription President: Subscription 10/6 per annum His grace the duke of Sutherland, k.t. The Council of the Institute adheres to the sound principle that these booklets and help shall only be given upon request, and has not set up any automatic method for sending its services broadcast to the member- ship.

of Home Talkies, 22, 64, 103, 139, 181, 221, 265, 321, 358, 400 About our Competition Films, 258 Alef 9.5-mm. Selo Cine Film is now sold exclusive of the charge for pro- cessing, and customers may, if they so desire, have their films developed only — thus having the opportunity of eliminating un- wanted portions before printing. Seven speeds, three lens turret, variable view finder, visual focusing device. Norman Hunter stated that a permit is necessary before taking a cine camera into the- Zoo and that the charge is half-a- crown. Members are requested to write to Red Lion Square for any help, the need for which they have found after reading the Monthly Bulletin, or at any other time. 356, 399 Set Economy, 212 Sets and Set Economy, 170 Semens Camera, Model B, 72 Type C, 389 Simplex Pockette Camera, 276 " Sir Mike," 132 Societies, Cine, News of, 34, 77, 113, 152, 193, 230, 283, 325, 362, 406 Some Hints for the " Filmcraft " Competition, 346 Splicing and Storage Cabinet, A, 369 Making the Most of Your Films, 172 Spools or Chargers ? Movies, 182 Making the Most of Your Films, 306 Outat, The Wondersign, 26 Trailers, Patriotic, 314 Tripoflo 16-mm. A three lens turret provides accom- modation for any three lenses and gives extraordinary scope for distant or close-up pictures in any light. 138 Stedman Card Reels, 234 Stereoscopic Films, How to Make, 345 Stewart-Warner 16-mm. Camera, 313 Stop Action Photography, 91 Studio For Hire, A, 309 Sunday Referee " National Amateur Film Contest, 383 ynchronised Films, Notes on Making, 370 Table-top Cinematography, 303 Talkies, Home-made, 304 Making Your Own, 167 This Lumen Business, 259 Title Cards with Printer's Types, 136 Maker, Building Your, 55 Titles for 9.5-mm. Developing Out- fit, 314 Two Important New Books, 218 Using the New Recording Disc, 220 Weston Exposure Meter, 25, 313 What Should I Film ? Every Filmo camera is covered by a three years' guarantee. If you are a keen follower of sport of any kind re- member that with your movie camera games can be repeaterl over and over again for your home entertainment. Cine Kodak, 16-mm., f/1.9 Kodak anastigmat and T5-mm., f/4.5 Kodak long-focus anastigmat. If you are fond of travel, recall to yourself pleasant liolidays and voyages you have had in the j)ast and ask yourself whether you would not like to have a movie record of them.

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