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Such a camp is a big test - for everybody - and dan- gerous. The truth of a people is the appearance of the Being, out of which the people knows what it wants historically, by wanting itself, by wanting to be itself The truth of the being of a people originates from the poet, but the manifested existence of the being is understood and structured and thus opened only through the thinker." In the same lecture Heidegger links poetry and philosophy to state agency and maintains that one of the three aspects prevails at different times.^^ No doubt Heidegger believed that the philosopher stands at the center of the national project in the 1930s - Karl Jaspers relates Martin Heidegger's famous statement that he intended to lead the Führer (den Führer fuhren).

In the beginning there was a huge resistance against me - from students from other universities - but at the end I had them all." Gener- ally, Heidegger was very much preoccupied with the range of his impact. Ultimately, both Heidegger and Dostoevsky dissolve politics in art. [postmodemist version of Crime and Punishment] Aleeva, L.

1072) ("strasf otmshcheniia" [Dostoevskii, "Anna," in Dnevnik, p.202]). 'Net, ne vsegda mne otmshchenie i ne vsegda az vozdam,' ..." [Dostoevskii, "Anna," in Dnevnik, p.202]). In: Perspectives on Political Science 38, 4 (2009): 206-16.

Again, one can think of Anna, who thinks of revenging Vronsky, and of Smerdiakov, or of Katerina Ivanovna, in the courtroom, when she wants vengeance on Dmitry. 'No, vengeance is not always mine, and it is not always for me to repay'" (Dostoevsky, "Anna," in Diary, p. We can think, here, about Ivan's words about his desire for revenge for the torture of children. 42 Ulrich Schmid depth and the mission of the Russian spirit, as Russians, the capabihty, perhaps, to bring new Hght to the world, if only we stick to the originality (samobytnosf) of our development. Montpellier: Universitaires de la Méditerranée, 2009: 287-303. Alulis, Joseph: Introduction: Dostoevsky Symposium. In: Perspectives on Political Science 38, 4 (2009): 185-86.

^ Nel Grillaert is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, associated to the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy at Ghent University', Belgium. In: Khudozhestvennyi metod i tvorcheskaia individual'nost' pisatelia. In: Russkaia slovesnost' v mirovom kul'tumom kontekste: Izbrannye doklady i tezisy.

Her research is financed by the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO).

sudej okonchatel'nykh, a est' Tot, kotoryi govorit: 'Mne otmshchenie i az vozdam'.

G.], vse prostivshikh drug druga, v sushchestva, kotorye sami, vzaimnym vseproshcheniem snia H s sebia lozh', vinu i prestupnost' ..." (Dostoevskii, "Anna," in Dnevnik, p. 26 Ellen Chances This, too, is one of the central themes of Brothers Karamazov. Everyone should act as brothers in love and forgiveness.

Dostoe\'sky obser\"es two speeds in historical development: Western Europe reached the summit of modem civilization and technology at a fast pace, whereas Russia was still seeking its wa\-. 1873 he wrote: Shamed and frightened b" the fact that we lag so far behind Europe in our rational and scientitic de\-elopment. For the people, the Tsar is the incarnation of themselves, of their whole idea, their hopes and their beliefs. Dostoevsky is here very close to Heidegger's argument that the German Volk is still bound to become the people it really is. Pletnev: "Zemlja." (Iz raboty "Priroda v tvorcestve Dostoevskogo"). And this destination is first and foremost the spiritual-popular mission, that destiny has reserved for nations. It is not only with pride, but with the deep satisfaction of the successful prophet that Dostoevsky related how the hall went wild when he "proclaimed the universal unity of mankind" (30/1, 184) in a famous letter to his wife. But his most ambitious plan was to establish an academy for university lecturers - in order to influence the pupils through the teachers. Aleksa, E.: Arkhetipicheskoe znachenie startsa v "Bratiakh Karamazovykh" F. Similarly, Heidegger tried to expand the narrow boundaries of university teaching and organized student camps in which he tried to influence his students and strengthen their community.^^ In a letter from 1933 he wrote: "Halfway through the camp I had to dismiss 20 people who did not fit in. In a lecture from 1934/35 Heidegger said: "The truth of a people is the appearance of the Being in the Whole [...]. In: Materialy XXXI Zonal'noi konferentsii literaturovedov Povolzh'ia. Also in 1933 he pondered the possibility of accepting a professorship in Adolf Stemberger: Der verstandene Tod. (Studien und Bibliographien zur Gegenwarts- philosophie 6) Horst-Jürgen Gerigk: "Die Gründe fur die Wirkung Dostojewski] s. Heidegger asks that the work of art beget truth, which, in turn, begets history (GA 5, 65). Eine Untersuchung zu Martin Heideggers Existenzial-Ontologie. Machiavelli als Künstler." In: Horst-Jürgen Gerigk: Ein Meister aus Russland. Only in an artful presentation can truth make itself understood. [postmodernist version of Crime and Punishment^ Akunin, Boris: F.

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