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Finally, if I used a Binding Source between the list and the Data Grid View, it made no difference at all.For instance, why can't I just bind a normal List to a Data Grid View and have the grid view update when the list updates? This has really been kicking my butt the past couple of days.i just edit the list and the datagridview updates itself (never thought i'd be able to say that) Hi, I've been wrestling with the same Data Grid View problem that you mentioned for the last two days. I think we are missing part of the picture here, or at least I am - regarding events and threading scope.It's alluded to in a similar post but I didn't quite get the whole gist: .First let's take a look at the simple update which does not dynamically assign the parameters.In the example below I am using a simple Grid View control and updating the User Name, First Name and Last Name.I am trying to add a user to my SQL Server database from his login name.I have added a Custom Control in my code behind and add a statement in my web.config file and I get a Parser Error Message: Unknown server tag 'cc1: User Parameter'.

I am looking to see were I wnt wrong or were I should be looking to get the right answers.

Second of all, and this is a big one, whether you use a List Without that, the Data Grid View doesn't get updated by itself.

Furthermore, without that, when it does get updated, all its values get reset. :) dave hi dave, i'd just like to say that your 3 posts helped me a tremendous amount.

I found a solution to my original question, but there's still so much I don't understand about it, I thought I'd give this forum a try. These are the two general problems that I kept running into: (1) When the data in the list updated, the data on the screen did not update. Additional information: Index -1 does not have a value." Here is the code that I finally got to work. I just tried to make the simplest example binding a list to a Data Grid View that I could think of. I had all the sample problems using the Binding Source, and if I use a Binding Source in the example above, it works fine.

At the very least, maybe it will help someone else who got stumped like I did. (2) When I finally got data on the screen to update, if I clicked any part of the Data Grid View, the following message box popped up: "An unhandled exception of type 'System. So, I still have a few questions about this whole thing, but to start with, am I missing the obvious?!

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