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International teleprinter code assigns a pattern of five pulses and pauses to each character.

Using the Bletchley convention of representing a pulse by a cross and no pulse by a dot, the letter C, for example, is •••. gave each link a piscine name: Berlin-Paris was Jellyfish, Berlin-Rome was Bream, Berlin-Copenhagen Turbot (see right-hand column).

P.) these were given the general cover name ‘Fish’. Attached to a teleprinter, it automatically encrypted the outgoing stream of pulses produced by the teleprinter, or automatically decrypted incoming messages before they were printed.

The other members of the Fish family were Sturgeon, the Siemens and Halske T52 Schlüsselfernschreibmaschine (‘Cipher Teleprinter Machine’), Thrasher was probably the Siemens T43, a one time tape machine. (Sturgeon, on the other hand, was not an attachment but a combined teleprinter and cipher machine.) At the sending end of a Tunny link, the operator typed plain language (the ‘plaintext’ of the message) at the teleprinter keyboard, and at the receiving end the plaintext was printed out automatically by another teleprinter (usually onto paper strip, resembling a telegram).

During the final stages of the war, the Tunny network became increasingly disorganised.

One carried the radio equipment, which had to be kept well away from teleprinters for fear of interference.

The plans are expected to affect “hundreds” of prisoners.

A government spokeswoman said: “We do not comment on speculation.

People drop off the electoral roll after 12 months and prisoners will not be allowed to rejoin it while in custody, so those sentenced to longer than a year will remain unable to vote.Our policy on prisoner voting is well established – it remains a matter for the UK to determine, and offenders in prison cannot vote.” The UK has previously been warned by the European Court of Human Rights that banning all prisoners from voting was in breach of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the right of a free election.But European judges said the Government did not have to pay compensation to thousands of prisoners who took their case to the court.The Tunny machine Tunny was one of three types of teleprinter cipher machine used by the Germans.(The North American term for ‘teleprinter’ is ‘teletypewriter’.) At Bletchley Park (B. The Tunny machine, which measured 19" by 15½" by 17" high, was a cipher attachment.

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