Consolidating survey results excel

She could then use pivot tables and data filtering to analyze the data The Consolidation Assistant has several features that allow you to conveniently view your data. Another sets the same cell on all selected sheets to the upper left corner.

And at the same time sets the zoom to the same setting on all the worksheets.

The Consolidation Assistant add-in for Microsoft Excel is designed to help you consolidate data from multiple workbooks or from multiple worksheets.

Next, he used the extract feature of the Consolidation Assistant to extract values from the same cell on each sheet and place on a new worksheet, which became his database worksheet.Path) Set ws = Active Sheet curr File = Dir(folder & "/") 'Loop through survey results row = 2: col = 1: is Header = False Do While curr File "" Set curr Doc = w App. Open(folder & "/" & curr File, Read Only:=True) Load File ws, curr Doc, is Header, col, row curr Doc. Close Save Changes:=False is Header = True row = row 1 col = 1 curr File = Dir() Loop Finally: w App. Sub Extract Results() Dim folder As String, curr File As String, col As Long, _ ws As Worksheet, row As Long, is Header As Boolean, curr Doc As Object, w App As Object Set w App = Create Object("Word. Application") On Error Go To Finally 'Get folder with survey results folder = Browse For Folder(Active Workbook.

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Path On Error Go To 0 Set Shell App = Nothing Select Case Mid(Browse For Folder, 2, 1) Case Is = ":" If Left(Browse For Folder, 1) = ":" Then Go To Invalid Case Is = "" If Not Left(Browse For Folder, 1) = "" Then Go To Invalid Case Else Go To Invalid End Select Exit Function Invalid: Browse For Folder = False End Function Want an example of the above survey? Hopefully making a survey in Word will be much easier for you!

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