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You can always put up an ad on Craigslist, depending on your level of comfort with Craigslist sketchiness. In your profile and in communications with potential unicorns, you need to find ways to make your threesome seem safe and appealing to your third. You get the thrill of bringing someone new into your relationship. It’s also great to let them know that you’re both excited about the threesome, since no one wants to know that they’re joining a threesome where one partner is still wary or unconvinced.But why would this third person want to join you in the bedroom? If you’ve ever done online dating, remember what you used to look for in other people’s profiles. When you talk to potential unicorns, be upfront about what you’re looking for and what your boundaries are.Since threesomes can be triggering, you may also want to come up with a safeword, and a plan for what happens if any of the three of you utters the safeword (this is a non-negotiable if your threesome is going to involve bondage or pain play).For example, let’s say you suddenly start freaking out seeing your partner being intimate with the unicorn.

Telling your third, “this is the deal, take it or leave it” can come off as disrespectful. The bottom line is that your unicorn is a human being (that has got to be one of the best sentences I’ve ever written).No gender, sexual orientation, or question is off limits, and all questions remain anonymous.Now, onto today's topic: how to find and be kind to your threesome unicorn.We live in a relatively small and conservative town, but we want the other person to be a stranger.How can we find a third, and how do we ask them to have a threesome with us?

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Discuss what happens after the threesome too (will there be a sleepover?

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