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To resolve the concerns of Swiss government regulators, ETA has entered into an agreement that governs certain business practices.

ETA designs and manufactures mechanical and automatic watches, watch movements and watch ébauches.

Comparing the world’s most reputable, respected and prestigious luxury wristwatch brands fascinates quite many people, and indeed this global fascination for luxury watches, has produced this very article.

The luxury wristwatch is the ultimate example of a highly personal, wearable and portable object of value, which not only can last an entire lifetime, but can even be handed down to the next generation.

Patek Philippe bears the famous Patek Philippe Seal since 2009, which is a new and unprecedented quality standard for mechnical and automatic timepieces, and this standard goes beyond any of the standards in the Swiss watchmaking industry. This legendary watchmaker manufactures their watches entirely by hand, and the manufacture and assembly are done by master artisans and watchmakers, on an extremely limited scale.

Almost every single Patek Philippe watch, if not every single one, is a even in comparison to other prestigious Swiss luxury watchmakers.

In 1856 at Grenchen, Urs Schild, a schoolmaster, and Dr.

Girard set up a watch movement (ébauche) factory which eventually became Eterna.

The criteria down below will give you a good idea of what exactly is the basis of my ranking.

Patek Philippe is an independent and family owned watchmaker, though not by the founding family.

Next to Rolex, Patek Philippe has the best resale value.

It’s pretty safe to say that the luxury wristwatch is the ultimate intricate mechanical instrument and piece of jewelry you can find on the market today, and whether you are a collector, a connoisseur, a materialist or a person with a zest for the good life, I bet you are interested in knowing how your particular brand is ranked in the luxury watch hierarchy.

(Image By Rama) Whether you’d like to know how the brands rank for your personal satisfaction of knowing that you have picked the “right brand” (there is no such thing such as the “right brand” – it’s all a matter of personal taste) or if you have a general interest in luxury watches – read on, because this article will interest you.

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