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mini-pickups beat the imports In PM drive tests designed to wring out small pickups, domestic entries emerge on top 82 132 100 96 104 Automobiles and bikes 14 Imports and Motorsports 20 Detroit Listening Post 35 Saturday Mechanic: Timing your engine for performance and economy 40 Car Clinic 50 The PM Garage 60 The high-mileage files: How to squeeze 50 miles per gallon from a Volkswagen 82 PM road last: DHtrnit pickups vanquish the imports 90 PM Owners Report: Pontiac 6000 92 PM's long-term car tests Home and yard 52 Appliance Clinic 59 Homeowners' Clinic 64 A collapsible leaf cart you can make 100 How to put any shelf anywhere Science and engineering 32 Science Worldwide 77 The truth ahniit rnhnts 86 Fusion: We're harnessing the power of the H-bomb 171 Body's own filter material replaces kidneys 173 Another iceberg try 174 Second maglev tested in Japan Aviation 172 Airborne octopus 173 Meantime, back at Boeing .

Box 1521 Wichita, Kansas 67201 Please send me more information about the Cessna Fli Rhl Plan.

Up to a point (usually 10 to 20 mph, depending on the length of the boat) the hull can speed up by pushing the water out of the way as it displaces it.

Subscription prices: United States and possessions, .97 for one year: S21.97 for two years, Canada and all other countries, add S16.00 for each year.

He'll also be pleased to answer your indi- vidual questions about learning to fly.

174 Sky stovepipe Boating and outdoors 8 All Outdoors 93 The fastest boats on water Photography 28 Photo hints HOME ENERGY GUi DE 109 Cover 111 Preseason checklist: Get heating equipment ready for winter now 122 Caulk: Fuel saver in a tube 126 PM editor warms his shop with the sun 132 Auxiliary space heaters — how safe are they?

- Post your own personal ad - Search profiles - Contact anyone for free - Receive letters from others - It's all free and anonymous Many other online dating services that promise it all free and then charge you for contacting other members, advanced search, etc.

•Subject (o limitations outlined in the Cessna Flight Plan agreement.

Whenever your engine gets hot, the smaller mole- cules can evapo- rate while some of the larger mole- cules can oxidize and stick to engine parts.

This typical mol- ecule in Mobil 1* is the reason why Mobil 1 lubricates better, cleans bet- ter and protects your engine better than conventional oils can.

Valvoline and Pennzoil are made up of thou- sands of different molecules of widely varying size, length and shape.

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And promises no parts or labor charges, except a small deductible each time you bring your car in.

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