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Parents can be your best friends, and they can be your worst enemy.

In this section, puruse resources for working with your students in the classroom, students' parents, and utilizing strategies for teaching different grade levels.

A child's education can be greatly enhanced by their parents' involvement in the classroom and at home.

But it's a good rule of thumb to wait longer to physically escalate.For Asian men, they need to work on learning how to take leadership, how to assert themselves in a civilized manner, how to manage risk properly, how to be sexual, and how to behave and think independently from their society and peers.If you mean dating strategies, then yes, in Asia, a man should generally wait until he is alone with the woman before escalating physically.Rake's perceptions on dating strategies are accurate, and maybe pick up a date for the weekend as a bonus.Every waking moment is spent thinking about her, the smell of her hair, the sound of her voice. Here’s a VERY partial list of what you’re going to learn inside this exciting training event: David’s coaching and instruction completely changed my life. Help us make a small donation of to Charity: Water, an amazing charity that focuses on life's most basic need -- water.

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Instead of using metrics like the number of dates, phone numbers, or sexual encounters a client has, I began to use the same metric I now use in my personal life: Happiness. I've been helping thousands of men and women find happiness in love and life since 2007.

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