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Simplify birthdays and holidays and every gifting occasion with the official Elfster app for i Phone. Features: Add anything from anywhere to your wishlist. This is done via a simple sign-up link you can share with those you'd like to invite.Elfster also offers the security of restricting who can view the participants' emails and how the participant Q & A is handled.Gone are the days of yore when the person in charge of the said gift exchange had to keep meticulous records and notes carefully hidden from all the participants.

Jessica enjoys the best of both worlds, motherhood and career, at home in the DC Metro area with her husband and young son. Jessica Smith has successfully brought her 8 years of marketing and business development experience home with her, literally.She is Chief Mom Advisor and the woman behind the idea for Mom Force.com, Chief Mom Officer for Wishpot.com, and works with big brands including Walmart and Ford.Other features include setting price limits on items and a rating system.Don't have a group, but want to be part of a gift exchange anyway? - Probably the most sophisticated of the three, Elfster offers many ways to set up a gift exchange.

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Just Give goes a step further though with its inspiring stories of both adults and kids that give back.

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  1. The real success came, though, when my youngest son and I were leaving home one day: I ran into the house to get something I’d forgotten, and when I came back, he yelled “Mom, you ran!