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The green felt wool serves as the dresden single rad for the embroidered red Tirol eagle with gold bullion highlights. The second shoulder strap set is for the rank of Stabsoffizier feature identical construction as dresden single rad previous example but have a larger Tirol eagle.

Waffen SS Gebirgsjager partnersuche ab 75 with black wool base. This full length cufftitle is sewn dresden single rad at its ends. This set would be worn go here the field gray tunic. Gross Deutschland was the premier division of the German Army and fought mainly on the eastern front suffering heavy losses. This rare cufftitle features machine woven silver wire thread. Men of this premier panzergrenadier division of the German Army proudly wore this 1st pattern cufftitle written in Sutterlin script.

The sleeve shield is machine woven in white, green and red.

This volunteer legion was formed in and used mainly in combating antipartisans.

This black wool trapezoid features an embroidered totenkopf beneath a stylized SS adler on a black wool base and was worn by Waffen SS panzertruppen.

Machine woven double runics in rayon on a black field. This collar tab kragenpatten set features a blank tab bordered with aluminum twistcord piping rather than the SS runics tab.

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