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Sarnia is located on the eastern bank of the junction between the Upper and Lower Great Lakes where Lake Huron flows into the St.Clair River, which forms the Canada–United States border, directly across from Port Huron, Michigan.In 2013, organizers cancelled the event because of money troubles but are taking an "indefinite hiatus" while planning for the future.In this capacity, he visited two small settlements in 1835 that had been laid out on the shores of Lake Huron.During this time, it maintained relations with many of the First Nations, including Huron, Lakota (Sioux), and Iroquois, as well as the countries of Great Britain and France.Both of the latter nations had colonists and missionaries in North America, particularly closer to the Atlantic coasts and related waterways.The Confederacy's trading partners, the Huron, welcomed La Salle and the Griffon in 1679 after he sailed into Lake Huron.

It is the largest city on Lake Huron and in Lambton County.

Canada Steamship Lines formed in 1913 from many previous companies that plied the waters of the St. One of these companies was Northwest Transportation Company of Sarnia, which was founded in 1870.

The grain elevator rises above the harbour, and next to it is the slip for the numerous bulk carriers and other ships that are part of the contemporary shipping industry. The waterway between Detroit and Sarnia is one of the world's busiest, as indicated by the average of 78,943,900 tonnes (87,020,800 short tons; 77,697,100 long tons) of shipping that annually travelled the river going in both directions during the period 1993–2002. Tellier Tunnel, which was named after the retired president of CN in 2004, was bored and began operation in 1995.

The people of the Three Fires Confederacy, however, sided with the French during the Seven Years' War and made peace with Great Britain only after the Treaty of Fort Niagara in 1764.

The Three Fires Confederacy broke several treaties with the United States prior to 1815, but finally signed the Treaty of Springwells in September of that year and ceased all hostilities directed at the US.

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