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She argued that accepting the label would be accepting a disability.

“We’re going to attract empathy instead of respect,” Stephens argued. We’re supposed to demand respect.” Interestingly, Stephens also argued that because of the disparity, the women who make it have to be so talented that despite being significantly fewer in numbers, she does not feel that women are over-shadowed.

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The Reggae Talks series continues through to Tuesday, April 5, 2016.

The 2016 series has featured Bob Andy, Mutabaruka, Queen Ifrica and Agent Sasco.

Throughout her presentation, she displayed equal parts braggadocio and self-deprecating humour as she spoke about sex, Reggae and how Jamaica has shaped her.

“A Jamaica teach me what to be by being what me no want.” she continued, noting the issues of misogyny and homophobia .

“Mi see the hate and it don’t work fi di I.” She also explained that speaking the truth and being herself were her only options.

“I know we’re outnumbered by the men, but I don’t feel overshadowed by them,” she argued.

“In terms of potency, we’re equal.” Stephens took issue with several elements of the music industry, including the tendency to promote a flashy lifestyle which she now shuns.

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  1. But for the heroine of Kate Atkinson’s triumphant ninth novel, nominated for the Women’s Prize this week, it’s more than just a shiver down the back – it’s a reality. The doctor and midwife are stuck in the snow and the umbilical cord is wrapped around her neck. This time Dr Fellowes arrives in time to prevent tragedy – although he’s brisk about his miracle, being the kind of man whose “patients, particularly their exits and entrances, seemed designed to annoy him”.