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We’ve based most of lead generation around ranking for relevant long tail keywords that deliver millions of new visitors each month.Conversely, if you take a company like Slack as an example, organic search just isn’t as much of a huge channel for them.The other thing to bear in mind is that an acquisition channel that works for one business may be terrible for another.At Hub Spot, organic search is a huge channel for us.Instead, you’re looking to see if the channel provides what you’re looking for – large volumes of high-quality new customers.

The blog posts published a few years ago will very quickly drift down into page 30, 40, 50, etc.Now I'm going to share a whole host of tactics that you can try out yourself to add more to your bottom line.Having a solid customer acquisition strategy is an essential component for any business.This is primarily due to time-based blog feeds – i.e., the older a blog post is, the lower down in the blog feed it will be, until it goes even further down into the various archived pages of the blog.A perfect example of this was with the Hub Spot blog.

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