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From the lightest finesse techniques to the toughest power applications, Sunline Shooter Fluorocarbon has you covered.

Finesse Special (7-9lbs): With an extra 3% of stretch and a special abrasion-resistant coating, the Finesse Special gives anglers peace of mind when handling a bigger fish.

The only complaint I have is the price, they really screw you over here. You need to condition this line a lot, mine was taking on memory kind of quickly. From: Comments: Casts well and has low memory but the strength is not great.

Tried to swing two different 2-3 pounders in the boat this weekend and had the 12lb line snap both times.

The difficulty in creating a fishing line that’s exactly the same across a broad range of sizes is consistency.

In response to this challenge, Sunline made three precisely formulated versions of the Shooter Fluorocarbon, each one tailored to techniques associated with its range of sizes - Finesse Special, Marionette Special and the Power Special.

From: Comments: I have bought some 14lb line 3 days ago.

Ken Williams, a programmer for IBM, bought an Apple II microcomputer which he planned to use to develop a Fortran compiler for the Apple II.

In 2008, Vivendi Games was acquired by and merged with Activision, and Sierra Entertainment was dissolved shortly thereafter.

The "Sierra" brand name was relaunched by Activision in 2014, and exists as a publishing label under which Sierra's legacy titles are re-released, as well as some independent titles.

No breaks offs with bass Pike seem to be able to slice it easily. Requires some KVD conditioner daily to keep it settled down. Been using it for about 6 months now & have had no problems.

It has little to no stretch, extreme sensitivity, pretty good knot strength, and excellent abrasion resistance. At first it was ok, but after a bit it started to get milky on me.

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Use it for pitching plastics and jig's to pads, slop, wood, and deeper weed.

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