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Impregnate All the B*tches was a Let's Play created by KPopp and based on the legacy challenge for the life simulation video game The Sims 3 by The Sims Studio and Electronic Arts.The series stars Narhwal Rumplestilts and Boots Honeypie.I refused telling him I know my body better than him..I was cramping ( later to find out it was implantation). I had NO symptoms to my knowledge; however he sensed it.

“We all know quality education is dropping, and this is due to the many voluntary teachers in the district, they have taken on other jobs because they have not been approved by the Ministry of Education.“Because most of them are on their own when they come into the townships to attend senior secondary school they have to go out of the way to take care of themselves – and they are doing so by dating these schoolboys and motor bike-riders where in the process they get impregnated.” One of the solutions to remedy this, he suggested, is the opening of senior secondary schools in all the 14 chiefdoms in the district instead of concentrating them in the major towns; doing that will keep the girls closer to home where they can be monitored by their parents and relatives. Momodu, Chairman, Head Teachers Council in Kono District – there are numerous teachers who are unpaid, he said, which is contributing to the deterioration of education in the district.“The majority of these teachers are paid by the community and sometimes when there is no pay they abandon the schools, and you can’t blame them because they also have to live.A dating Sim for Girls (I think I've fixed all the glitches now) also Adrian is not blood related, just for those who may get confused Note: make sure to finish the person's dialogue in order to have good ending There are some pretty big issues with your scripting...1) Whenever you click on the "stats" button, your money and HP are immediately reset to 50 2) At the shop: initially clicking "work" takes off 10 HP, but then clicking "back" takes off 20 HP 3) On the stats page: clicking "back" takes you to the town overview, not to where you last were 4) You need to list how much HP it takes to go on dates, and how much HP is spent on the actions while on a date 5) Use pronouns to differentiate between "House" and "Home" [suggestion: change "Home" to "Your Home"] 6) You need to change the guys' response scripting a bit, namely Adrian.

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“These three went to the bank where they discovered that their salaries had stopped running and their services where no longer needed.

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