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Putting some lights toward her personal life, globally noted singer Eliza Doolittle’s current relationship status is single.

Eliza had been dating rapper Olie for around two and a half years since 2008. Doolittle started dating Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Benji Madden in 2011 but the couple later broke up in 2013.

In 2013, Doolittle added her writing and vocal skills to “You & Me” a single from British Electronic duo Disclosure’s number one debut album ‘Settle’. After finishing her school education, Doolittle got admission at the Westminster Kingsway College.In March 2012, Madden appeared in a You Tube commercial for Heineken’s “Legendary Serenade” Facebook app.Christian Her collaboration with Joel in the band The Madden Brothers and serving as a guitarist and vocalist for the same. It was ranked at #12 in New Zealand music charts, and #194 in UK album chart.He co-founded the band The Madden Brothers in 2011 with twin brother Joel. In 2001, Benji appeared in the film Not Another Teen Movie for his role as prom band member.The very first album of Benji Madden was titled Good Charlotte, which was the named of their band (at that time in 2000). In 2004, he appeared in just 1 episode of MTV’s hidden camera-practical joke reality television series Punk’d as himself.

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