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’ I Library 'he AEROPLATSTE The Kdltorial and 'Idrertislng Offices of “Tha Aeroplane" are at 166, Plooadl Uy, London, W. That is to say, last week’s number completed the tenth half-yearly volume, though, as a matter of strict fact, the first number of the paper appeared on June 8th, 1911, so that there were 30 weekly numbers in the first volume. Accounts, and all correspondence relating thereto, should be sent to the Keglstered Offices of The Aeroplane and Q-eneral Publishing Co., Ltd., Bolls House, Breams Buildings, H. “THE AEROPLANE'S*' With this Issue The Aeroplane officially enters upon the sixth year of its existence. And it is France which • has given us the aircraft which will in future wars be our chief defence against invasion. t is wortbv of note that all of them are to-day in the King’s . To them and to his present editorial assistant, Mr. 2 July 5, 1916 l r ■ The Aeroplane ON A MATTER OF EVIDENCE. airthorities are unable to bring any evidence in support of their criticisms. France developed aircraft during the past five years as no other country has done. Sayers, a practical scientist and a mechanical engineer of great ability. Wade — who is physically debarred from militaiw service — the writer extends his very hearty thanks for their loyal support in making The it been during the five years of its life. When one discusses the work of the Royal Fl3ung Corps Inquiry Committee with the ’ average man who merelj' reads the papers and who has little or no inside knowledge of aeronautical matters one is almost invariably met with the remark that the critics of the R. And, of course, a similar remark, transformed into a jibe, is the stock reply of those who are criticised.

Under modern workshop conditions the dozen should be delivered b}' March 31st at latest. “ Out of respect for the Censor I must not say how many engines we had, but they made an infernal row.

They were French pilots bn French machines who succeeded in the Parls- Madrid, Parls-Rome, European Circuit, and Circuit of Britain races — as chronicled in the first volume of The Aeroplane. These three bore the chief burden of building up the pa|)cr. The readers of The Aeroplane have never to criticise what has appeared in the paper from time to time, and one hopes that this close personal interest will continue in the future. And one only hopes that, thanks ■to such personal interest, it will be possible for the paper to progress in the next five years as it has pro- gressed in the past. The criticised seem to regard absence of direct evidence as a strong line of defence, and the average man regards it as the chief weakness of the critics. But both may rest assured that the absence of evidence before the Committee is dire to the feelings of the critics, rather than to non-existence of evidence. will, under any circumstances whatever, divulge the names of those to whom they owe their knowledge.

They are French machines largely and French engines almost entirely which have* enabled our own flying officers of both Services to do the magnifi- cent work they have done, as chronicled in the two latest volumes of The Atiroplane. Whittaker, a most reliable prophet on all things mili- tary and pos.sessing v. Those persons, whether in the Services or out, who have spoken or written of aeronautical matters within their own knowledge which were not as they might have been — for, remember, the Inquiry is dealing with things as they were prior to Januarj’-, 1916, and not with things as they now are — may equally rest assured that none of those who have publicly criticised the R. Men of the stamp of Lord Montagu and Captain Bennett-Goldney could not possibly be suspected of letting down those who, under stress of personal feeling or from a sense of their duty to the Corps — as distinct from a sense of their duty to the strict letter of King’s Regulations, apart from the spirit thereof — have imparted information which is subject- matter for the Committee. officer comes forward to give evidence he shall not suffer for it, so far, at any rate, as General Henderson is concerned — and no one' would hesitate to accept such an assurance. below General Henderson in rank who might have it in their power to disturb the career of any officers who gave evidence which reflected on themselves or their departments.

The sub-contractors, without waiting for drawings, would start at once and take the sample machines to pieces. “ At 5,000 feet we ran into thick white clouds, and the report was spread by those whose noses were still against the windows that we were passing over a steam laundry.

Each piece would be used as a model for repro- duction. I found on the floor a copy of the ‘ Royal Cornwall Gazette,’ and began to read a column headed ‘ A Hundred Years Ago.’ Under the circum- stances, the contrast suggested was quite amusing. I made a few notes, and found writing quite easy and comfortable.

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