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He was lionized by a witness as such: He left with 20 girls. Picture the scene: It's 2012; Di Caprio has just broken up with Victoria's Secret supermodel Erin Heatherton; some girls are taking their tops off; Hill may or may not be blushing; and Di Caprio is sipping his drink like this isn't any of his business.

Maybe it was just method acting at its most extreme?

Enough When you are Leonardo Di Caprio, one guest list won't do.Wilson reportedly claimed she thought he was an ex-boyfriend who had been bad-mouthing her.About five years later, Wilson was extradited from Canada, ordered to stay 500 feet away from the actor, and sentenced to two years in prison.Members of the core group included David Blaine, Tobey Maguire, Harmony Korine, and Lukas Haas.The Hollywood frat pack were all about staying out late and not tipping well.

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As one witness remarked: Leo would go to clubs "with his friends and [sit] back like the Mack Daddy — he doesn't even tip!

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