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It was amateur work: There were bloody fingerprints and footprints all over the apartment, and the killer even defecated in the toilet and forgot to flush. Whoever murdered Meredith Kercher didn't know how to use a knife.

The first two wounds weren't deep enough to do fatal damage, the knife catching on bone.

When the prosecutor hypothesizes that the victim was slaughtered during a satanic ritual orgy, you've got the crime story of a decade. One might expect that the lead role in this blockbuster would be assigned to the victim, a placid, pretty girl from London named Meredith Kercher.

The daughter of a tabloid writer and his Indian-born wife, Kercher was a serious student who didn't take herself too seriously; she had been drawn to the Italian city of Perugia, in part, for its reputation as the City of Chocolate.

She didn't have her first boyfriend until she was 19.

"She's a little dork who doesn't wear matched socks," says her best friend, Madison Paxton.

Knox had noticed Sollecito, a gawky, pale 23-year-old with delicate, rimless glasses and zero history with women."I'd never use 'sexy' to describe her." Her beauty is no longer a mystery to her, however, now that she's received hundreds of letters from male admirers all over the world.Knox also didn't realize that she would be judged by her behavior, her looks and her nationality.Nor did she suspect that her faith in human nature was a dangerous fantasy.She would learn other terrible lessons along the way too — the kinds of things most of us don't like to think about.

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