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Mao's first love interest in the anime is a quiet, tough looking boy named Eiji Kai.

At first, they dislike each other, but soon develop feelings and begin to date.

Gradually she develops feelings for Kazuki and opens up to others.

In the last episode, Eriko professes her love to Kazuki and the two kiss. She is an expert at cooking udon and has a strong interest of creating new varieties of udon.

Sakino discovers that Eriko and Kazuki are conducting 'experiments' together which angers her, and she wants them to stop the experiments.

In anime she starts to have feelings for Kazuki after he helps her.In the anime his character was split in two characters - Kouichi Sanada (he received the original Kōichi's looks and given name) and Kazuki Aihara (who received Kōichi's soccer skills and surname and Nana is his sister). She has always been shy but the help of Mao and the others, she becomes more outgoing.In the anime, Kōichi's first love interest is Yūmi Hoshino, but he gradually develops feelings for his childhood friend, Mao. She also has feelings for Kouichi and they begin to date.Kazuki eventually realizes that he has fallen for Eriko, and chases after her all throughout the anime.The two finally become a couple near the end of the anime. Mao's classmate, who plays the saxophone and works in a jazz bar. The series focused more on the girls and their daily lives with a more romantic genre.

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