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Payen have been leading the water in engine sealing solutions for over 100 years. Payen has been leading the field in the manufacturing of original equipment to both the OEM and to the aftermarket.Payen’s range of highly durable head bolts is produced to match or over class the standards of OE manufacturers.When used in conjunction with our top-quality gasket range, Payen parts guarantee maximum engine life and durability at a competitive cost.

The range includes integrated oil seals incorporating additional functions to improve oil, heat andchemical resistance.Payen products are fitted as standard by many of the worlds best known engine manufacturers, so you can be sure that the replacement part you receive is of the highest quality and designed specifically for your application.From Payen we can offer marine engine gaskets and seals including: Camshaft Oil Seals, Crankshaft Oil Seals, Exhaust Manifold Gaskets, Full Gasket Overhaul Kits, Head Gaskets & Head Gasket Sets, Rocker Cover Gaskets, Sump Gaskets & Sump Gasket Kits, Timing Cover Oil Seals and Top Gasket Sets.In contrast to the older gasket design, rather than using bonded-on 'elastomeric' butyl rings to contain the coolant jacket and oil drain spaces, the gasket has an additional two steel layers on either side of the gasket with swaged/raised areas to provide the coolant/oil void sealing.The shim is coated on both sides; on the upper side (the head-facing side) with a dry sealant (it has the same black, glossy appearance as the gasket face opposite) and the lower side is coated with an inert matt-grey treatment - and it is this side of the shim that comes into contact with the upper surface of the MLS gasket. Firstly, it prevents the fire rings on the gasket digging into the cylinder head.

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Examples of this is where the cylinder head has softened due to excess heat, or where the casting has an imperfection close to the combustion chamber; the shim will help prevent the liners marking the head and aid in the sealing of the fire walls.

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