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Hotaru ages rapidly, up to ten years old and awakens as Sailor Saturn for the second time.

She gives the other three Senshi new power and they all return to Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi to help them defeat the current enemy.

In the fifth chapter, she gets killed along with Sailor Pluto and revived in her senshi form, Thanks to the efforts of Sailor Moon, she gets revived.

During Infinty Arc, Hotaru is shown to have healing power, curing Chibiusa's wounds after the battle in Act 28.

Hotaru: The kanji of "Hotaru" (蛍) means "firefly." Fireflies are associated with the spirits of the dead in Japanese mythology, which fits her as she is the Sailor Soldier of Ruin/Death and Rebirth.

Hotaru was the only Sailor Senshi to not receive a name change in the original English dub, but her last name was pronounced differently (pronounced toe-mo instead of toe-mo-eh).Hotaru then asks her why she is not holding Mamoru's hand.This causes Usagi to get very angry and push the girls away from each other.Hotaru appears in Act 44, which offers a glimpse of the Outer Senshi's current lives.Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna swore to raise Hotaru and to live a happy life together.

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After being reborn, in Dead Moon Arc, more precisely in Act 44, Dream 6, she is also shown to grow in a faster rate than a normal human, and when critical moment comes, she turns back into a 15 year old teenager as she was before her rebirth in Infinity.

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