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Amazingly, today the average age of marriage for women living in urban areas is the same as that of those living in rural areas, where 32 percent of Iran's population lives.Even more astonishing is that a higher percentage of rural women remain single.There have been reports of relatively high rates of suicides among young, unmarried women living in more conservative provinces, such as Ilam.In an effort to narrow the gaps between the needs and realities of their daily lives and Iran's legal system, women's movements are evolving and strengthening.The average age of marriage for women in Iran has risen to 23 years, partly because more women are in school now and for a longer period of time.In fact, there are more women than men in Iranian universities.In fact, the only condom factory in the region is in Iran.Having achieved their reproductive rights, Iranian women are now at the forefront of movements in the country that demand more rights and equality for all its citizens.

The most surprising and impressive decline occurred in rural areas.According to 2006 census data, among women ages 30 to 34, 15 percent of those living in rural areas were never married, compared with 10 percent of those living in urban areas.These changes in marriage patterns are confronting deeply rooted cultural values of certain segments of the population and the government that are trying to hold on to past traditions of early and universal marriage, creating social and psychological frustrations among young people.The One Million Signatures Campaign is the most well-known, grassroots effort.Its door-to-door campaign aims to raise awareness about the negative impact of some laws on the lives of women and their children through face-to-face discussions and by seeking 1 million signatures in support of a petition addressed to the Iranian parliament asking that discriminatory laws be reformed.

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The most notable areas of discrimination against women in Iran are family codes related to issues such as child custody and divorce, the judiciary system—where women are barred from serving as judges—and the political system that bars women from running in presidential elections or being nominated for positions in the country's highest political bodies.

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