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However, it still has some discernible characteristics that set it apart from other traditional martial arts.

It is typically characterized by having low stances and fluid, graceful motions.

The first part, 'you' (flowing, as in water), symbolizes adaptability and softness as well as power.

The second part, 'won' (circle), suggest that there is a personal circle around you, and that one should always be active and ready to redirect aggression.

Kuk Sool Won has many facets and is performed for self-defense, healing, conditioning, competition, fun and aesthetic purposes.

Kuk Sool Won encompasses many different traditional Korean "arts".

Practitioners take caution initially to learn the form and not to injure their partner, however in order to demonstrate mastery practitioners must execute hyung at full speed and with full contact.

In addition, all forms have five guiding principles with each one governing a specific part of the body and containing a major and minor rule or guideline.

Fighters with the same number of fights are listed in order of their number of wins.

Fighters with the same MMA record are listed alphabetically.

Each fight record has four categories: wins, losses, draws, and no-contests.

Kuk Sool Won students are all expected to abide by the Kuk Sool Won Pledge One of the key aspects of Kuk Sool Won revolves around the theory of "You Won Hwa".

Translated literally, this would mean roughly "Water Circle Harmony".

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