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Considering that in Greek, Roman or Celtic culture peace can be regarded as the temporary suspension of a habitual state of war (Harmand 1981: 23), war in protohistoric societies would have been a very important social phenomenon.

This, as the Latin word indicates, is evidenced by the equivalence between "stranger" and "enemy".

Epigraphic sources, on the other hand, document the existence of institutions such as magistrates, supra-family organisational structures, and hospitality pacts.

For the oldest phases only the cemeteries provide information about the evolution of Celtiberian society from the sixth to the first century BC.

Through mortuary analysis it is possible to reconstruct the burial assemblages of the warriors buried there, although not their concept of war or the way they fought, which has to be inferred from the evolution of their society.

The relationship between war and society means that one would have affected the other as they evolved within the same cultural system.

The evolution of war affected weaponry and had profound socio-ideological implications that explain the survival of very archaic warrior traditions until a late date.

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