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, was included with the Japanese release of the film. His dark intentions seemed to prevail; that is, until Princess Fūn and her cohorts, Shishimaru, Brit, and Tsukuyaku, unleashed the power of the Seven-Colour Chakra upon him.

In America, Instead of the OVA included with the Japanese release, the American release included a short featurette entitled "World of Naruto", as well as a behind-the-scenes featurette afterwards with interviews with the main English cast and select members of the main Japanese cast. They saved the day, and Naruto, watching from afar, couldn't have been more elated.

As it turned out, Naruto was actually watching the scene in a movie, as was the rest of Team 7.

However, the audience of the movie began to throw objects at the team for making so much noise whilst arguing with the cinema manager.

Inside the envelope was a signed photograph from Yukie.After various battles between Team 7 and the rogue ninja, resulting in the death of all of the latter and Nadare, Dotō succeeded in obtaining Yukie's crystal necklace, only to discover that the "treasure" of the Land of Snow is a generator designed to melt the snow and thus bring Spring to the snow country.After a confrontation with Sasuke and Naruto, Dotō was then killed by Naruto with his Rasengan in a manner reminiscent of Princess Fūn's defeat of Mao, involving "rainbow chakra".As Sandayū, who leads a group of 50 samurai attempt to charge after them, the mortar-mounted compartments release huge waves of kunai massacring the entire brigade.Sandayū, clinging on to life passes away after telling Yukie not to cry for him.

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