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She told us to wrap our legs around each other and start pushing the dildo into each other. Sharmila strapped on a 9 inch dildo around her waist and got both me and Priya to suck it.Priya bent me over the bed and she lay on her back on top of me.Priya got off me and started licking her juices from my asshole. As I was about to cum I heard Sharmila say to Priya shall I take her up her Gaand (Asshole).Priya replied that she was lubed up, ready and waiting.

I got a room with three beds so I had to share with two other girls.Sharmila entered Priya's pussy and after a few jerks took the strap-on out of Priya's pussy and inserted it into my wet pussy.She did this for around twenty minutes fucking us and not letting us cum.I washed my face and started changing into a nightie.I felt that the senior girl Sharmila was looking very curiously at me, and smiling.

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