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One woman, Brittany Adcock, who is now 22, said Kelley harassed her for years after a brief relationship with her when she was a teenager.

Ms Adcock said she dated Kelley nearly ten years ago when he was 18 and she was just 13, Reuters reported.

And nothing is more unattractive to a guy than a woman who still lives with previous emotional baggage.

Which bring us to the final reason you should avoid writing this on your profile…

”, it’s as though the person who writes this believes that a stable, mature, kind, high-achieving man is going to read that and think to himself, “Ah good.

In a missing person report filed after his escape, Kelley was described as a “danger to himself and others”.When you paint yourself as a woman who is always afraid of being burnt by “players” or dishonest guys, you begin to identify yourself with the label of “being a victim”.Taking on this role makes it so much harder to appear fun, relaxed, open and willing to embrace that tingle of spontaneity that occurs when you first start dating someone new.Information about Kelley’s past reveals a history of violent behaviour.He began military service with the US Air Force in 2010 but was court-martialled for an assault on his wife and stepson in 2012 at which he was sentenced to a year’s confinement and demoted.

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Showing how much you are desperate not to meet a player doesn’t make him think you’re serious.

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